Tuesday, April 1, 2014

McCreath Announces Intention to run in Potential St. John's Ward 1 By-Election!

Former 2013 St. John's Deputy Mayor candidate, Jennifer McCreath, is pleased to announce her intention to run in the St. John's Ward 1 City By-election, should the seat be vacated by Danny Breen, should he be successful in winning his Provincial By-election for the provincial seat of Virginia Waters.

McCreath says she was quite surprised to see candidates in the last election, getting elected into Wards for which they did not live, such as Jonathan Galgay's election to Ward 2.  McCreath feels that her seven years of living in Ward 4, makes her a perfect candidate for Ward 1, given this mentality and rational of City Voters. 

If elected, McCreath promises to carry on the apparent Ward 1 tradition of being a right-winged conservative, in the footsteps of greats such as Breen, and previous Ward 1 area's Virginia Waters provincial MHA and premier, Kathy Dunderdale.  McCreath says she will do everything in her power to keep Government information secret from the public, and will lobby for the City to adopt an information protection Act that is similar to Bill 29, of the Provincial Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

In another major election promise, McCreath says she will take steps to ensure the sidewalks remained covered in snow in Ward 1, throughout the winter, given that this area of the City is made up of mostly rich people who own fancy cars, and have no need to walk on sidewalks.

Additionally, McCreath says it will be her plan at some point through her 4 years in office, to re-launch a provincial brand of the Natural Law Party. As a former marathon runner, McCreath recognizes the importance of physical fitness, and she believes that the former Natural Law Party of Canada's goal of raising research money amounts towards the art of yogic flying, is something that could benefit society as a whole.

McCreath recognizes that some folks may accuse her of opportunism, by taking a shot at Ward 1, and she certainly won't deny this. She says that most politicians are opportunistic and arrogant, and it seems the more opportunistic and arrogant people are, the more likely they are to get elected.

McCreath also recognizes the latest trend of politicians flip flopping in terms of either crossing the floor, or registering to vote for the leadership of a party that they do not support.  With this in mind, McCreath promises to flip flop on frequent occasion, if elected, and that she will sign up for, then subsequently resign, from all three major provincial political parties, over the course of her 4 year term as city councillor.  She also promises to take leaves of absences on frequent occasion, to run in any provincial or federal by-election, that may take place in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, between 2015-2019, including the general elections. 

Finally, McCreath would also like to formally endorse herself as candidate for Ward 1, noting that she is the best candidate that has currently come forward, and that an endorsement of herself does not violate any rules laid out by any of the political parties which she is currently a member of (none).

Finally, McCreath recognizes that an announcement of this nature being made on April 1, may come across as suspicious, but she says that politicians in nature, are generally suspicious and sneaky people anyway, so the timing makes perfect sense!

More information will be made available on Jennifer's website votejennifer.info, as the by-election date approaches. 

Jennifer McCreath

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