Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31, 2011 - stats

let's not forget that this blog was initially set up to be a running blog, so with this in mind, let's take a look at the year that has been so far in terms of monthly running k stats.....


Jan 137.60 - 137.60

Feb 044.10 - 181.70

Mar 161.30 - 343.00

Apr 188.80 -   524.20

May 208.80 - 733.00k

June 061.00 - 794.00

july 049.30 - 843.30

aug 031.60 - 874.90

sept 110.30 - 985.20

oct 072.90 - 1062.10k

to summarize, it was a very rough month. i literally needed a full week to recover from the exhaustion that was the newfoundland marathon. but the knees never really did get a chance to recover. then it was my 5th cape to cabot, which was totally awful. more than 3 hours to get thru 20k of hills - most of which was at a walking pace, with very sore knees, feet, and back. 

15 days removed from cape to cabot, i am still both physically and emotionally deflated. i sense i have arthritis in my knees, hip, and maybe even in the back. doc visits ahead shortly. i'd have to rate those 3 hours on the cape to cabot among the worst in my life - a clear sign that i do not enjoy running now, if i ever actually did.

oh well, i may never run again, but i can at least feel good about the fact that running served its purpose. the goal was to lose weight, so when i gained weight during the hormone replacement process, i would end up breaking even, and that's ironically and amazingly, what i did. i enter this blog post weighing the exact same as i was when i first started transition - pre everything..

it's certainly been an amazing 5 years. from that first 8 minute run around the block at my home in Etobicoke Ontario - to crossing the finish line of the Boston Marathon, to claiming the gold medal to become the first formally sanctioned transsexual marathon runner in world history, in Copenhagen, Denmark, to struggling to keep up with the team that was dismantling the course (after the race, apparently), on the cape to cabot.  30 marathons, 2 boston invitations, and a ton of respect from around the world - not a bad bonus perk for taking all of this running on.

well, i am not going to officially retire from marathons (yet again), but i will state that i won't be back out there unless i can somehow find a way to eliminate all this knee pain and have the ability to train  properly..

anyway, i can take the pressure off and focus on recovery, for now, and try to enjoy some time without having to go thru all that pain...  meanwhile, i am going to focus on walking as my method of getting exercise.


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