Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011 - gees, only my 2nd update of the year?

ahh, time flies when you are stressed out and zonked out. i've come off esterogen and blood thinners for a month in prep for my big surgery. this has caused me to suffer some headaches, irritability, lethargy, and exhaustion.. oh what fun! but i managed to get in a 14 k run yesterday to and from the dentist. the teeth are looking great! but the root canal is still a little tender.

let's see. bowl season is over now, and i went 20-12 against the spread. so if i had placed $100 on each game, taking into account booking fees, i'd be ahead $680. oh well, too bad i didn't bet. and not like i would. i have absolutely no faith in my ability to pick bowl games.. you never know which teams are going to show up and which are going to mail it in; which ones will be rusty, and which will be in fine form. which makes it more fun to watch!

KC Chiefs mailed it in in week 17 and did so again in the second half of the playoff game. that's now 7 consecutive playoff game losses for KC, spanning back to 1993! (then missed the playoffs the other 10 years). both appear to be NFL records! it's official. we suck! but at the same time, there is promising optimism for next year unlike anything we've seen since the 2003 vermeil season.

speaking of athletes, there's me. i've dropped 2 pounds in the new year (the same two i gained over christmas and new years). so we are off to a good start. i've ran 9 times over 12 days, logging 76.1k so far. not too bad, i suppose. i am hoping to squeeze in at least anothger 124.9 before my surgery. (200 seems like a nice even number to go out on).

not much else to report on. let's see. C-Path will be engaging my services again next week to help further take action towards putting together a modified membership framework and membership program. i will be suggesting that they put together some projects that will lead to products and services that will fill the gaps in this country regarding the help that is available to those who need to transition. you can't help your client base if you don't have products or services that meet their needs. lots of work to do, and hopefully some progress will be made.

St John's Pride Inc., was in the news recently, as i pointed out last week. come february, it will be my plans to attempt to re-engage the board of directors as well as several previously-identified stakeholders, to see what we want to do with this entity.

one year ago this week, i filmed one of my all time favourite promo clips. the video depicts me feeding the ducks at Burtons pond in the snow, and speaking about the importance of keeping our parks and ponds clean. check the video out: here

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