Saturday, November 20, 2010

November 19, 2010 - quick update

just a quick update here. been a busy week. yet another job interview with the provincial government for a senior policy analyst position. as always the interview seemed to go very well. i guess time will tell if the 35th time will be the charm, or not!

smashed my knee into a coffee table this afternoon. not exactly something that will help my running program... lol

i attended the movie theatre for the first time in years, and saw a 3D movie for the first time. i was highly impressed with the special effects of the technology.

i also celebrated a friend's birthday this week with tickets to see Lonestar in concert, a nashville-based, texas-bread, country band that had a couple of major hits in the 90s. pretty good show! we managed to meet up with the singer and keyboard player after the show. much like every other musician from Nashville that i have ever met, these folks seem very down to earth and appreciative of their job and their fans.

i also made an impromptu appearance on the 6 o'clock NTV news on thursday, as i was a 'randomly selected citizen' who was flagged down in the lobby of the building and asked to comment on the latest contract signing between the Government of NL and a private entity in Nova Scotia with regards to the infamous Lower Churchill project. Not aware of the details of the deal, i danced around the question and never gave a straight answer, yet managed to ramble on for almost 2 minutes. afterwards the reporter claimed that i gave one of the best answers of the entire afternoon, and that they would definitely air my comment, and they did! go figure!

well, sore knee, and continuing problems with my left foot, have limited my running this week, and at this point, i have no idea what the weekend ahead will bring.

well, that's enough rambling for now..


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