Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010 - the root of the matter

well, it's been a busy September so far. i have continued to have discussions with LGBT community members regarding their opinions and perceptions of the need for a non-profit organization to be created to do around-the-calendar educational, and advocacy work, and well as take on a mandate of providing support and social outlets for all.

After going non-stop, almost every day, for 6 weeks, i decided to treat myself to a long weekend break, and i rented a car and spent time relaxing on the beach, taking in what could be the last summery sunny weekend of the year. It was nice to try to park all my concerns for a while and just focus on some relaxation. Sure, i am always thinking about my work, but it was at least nice to take a break from doing it. It's hard to believe the summer is almost over. I always seem to feel as though i didn't spend as much time at the beach and the ponds as i would have liked to, but looking back, there were many wonderful swims this year.

anyway, i had an afternoon off work today for a rather unusual experience, a dental visit for a root canal procedure. although i take great care of my teeth, there was 'internal resorption' (essentially a hollow hole in the middle) developing, so it was important to get that cleaned out and filled in. all this huff and puff about root canals being painful and unpleasant are totally not true. it was a very routine procedure that took about an hour.

i felt fine afterward and made the long walk home, stopping to feed ducks on the way. then i went out for a light 8.5k run tonight, which was a much-needed run. i've only got 19 days left until my next marathon, and as usual, i am under-trained.

the best news of the month so far is that i have been extra careful with my diet and i have managed to drop a few pounds. i need to drop about 15 more pounds this year to be deemed fit enough for my surgery, so i have lots of hard work to do.


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