Wednesday, July 24, 2013

McCreath blasts Chaulk for Oppressive Sexist and Transphobic-implied Comments

St. John's Mayor candidate Geoff Chaulk recently blogged about local radio talk show host Paddy Daly, and referred to him using female pronouns, referred to him as 'it', and implied that he is weak because of his apparently-deemed femininity.

Chaulk wrote: "Poor Patricia Daly...I mean Patty: Well, I'm told poooor patty-daly, s/he of the withering balls, or rather, ovaries, had his/her knickers in a knot about me again today, on her VOCM whine, complain show. Perhaps s/he needs its hormones re-jigged".

As a transgender rights activist, I am highly disappointed to see a political candidate demonstrate what clearly appears to be sexism, male-chauvinism, and transphobia - discriminatory oppressive prejudice attitudes that sadly, still exist very strongly in 2013 in Canada.

Not only has Chaulk demonstrated his lack of sensitivity towards members of the women's rights and transgender communities, in my opinion, but he has also taken an unnecessary personal shot at a journalist who was simply doing his job. This is definitely not someone I want representing me on my City Council, let alone, as Mayor!

Paddy Daly is one of the best-known and most-respected radio talk show host in the entire province. His BackTalk show airs Monday - Friday 2-4 pm on VOCM radio AM 590.

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